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Beautiful Erotic Selfies

Natasha is the nom du plume of this stunning, bright 21 year-old student who hails from ch-ch-chilly Siberia.

A few years ago, Natasha sent an email to the X-Art casting inbox. She was a fan, and for some time, she said, she’d fantasized about being one of the models on the site, a willing participant in the most beautiful erotica.

At first, we discussed the possibility of shooting in the the United States, or perhaps during an upcoming trip to Europe. Visa complexities made it tough for her to travel. But we couldn’t miss the chance to hav

One of the reasons we instantly clicked with Natasha is that she’s a true creative spirit, just like us. She’s passionate about photography and filmmaking. At university she studied fashion and the arts.

There’s no questioning Natasha’s photogenic nature and her eye for light, shadow, color and composition.

Natasha sent some casting photos, which were quite well composed, despite being shot on a very low quality mobile phone circa 2016.

Posted her pix to X Community

She began posting regularly, pics and mobile vids

Developed some devoted fans of her own

The mobile content needed a home of its own: Superhot, or

Natasha we are grateful for your perseverance and your incredible self motivation and work ethic. Besides being artist; you are a hardworking business-person! I hope your drive and ambition will take you to the life of your dreams.

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