Mathilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

There is a LOT to Love about Mathilda Lutz.

Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz he speaks fluent Italian. She grew up in Italy, where she was a shy student. Things changed as Lutz began her modeling career. She gained confidence, landing campaigns for major fashion designers and mega-brands like Victoria’s Secret.

Lutz stars in this Victoria’s Secret television advertisement

Following on her career as a fashion model, Lutz moved to NYC to pursue acting.

She landed a major feature film debut in Rings, the most recent of three acts in the much-loved horror franchise, The Ring.

A sunny 24-year-old with the barest hint of a European lilt, Lutz, the daughter of a famed Italian fashion photog­rapher, is unashamedly living the American dream.

Trailer for Revenge starring Matilda Lutz

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